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Because our product is a Microsoft Office add-in, you can use the software you are used to working with to prepare your templates. You don't need to spend time learning new tools.


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You pay only at the time of creating templates. No additional fees.


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To generate a PDF from our template, you use the best free enterprise solution on the market (Apache FOP).


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After watching our two minute instructional video, you will be ready to create great templates using our simple tool.


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We provide a tool to verify the created template, so you can immediately verify the effectiveness of our product.


Clean code

Our templates have a clear structure and can be easily maintained and customized.

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1. Specify the fields you want to fill from xml
2. Generate the template
3. Fill the xml file with data and generate the PDF file

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  • Unlimited templates
  • Customer service
  • Java source code PDF generator
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  • Unlimited templates
  • Premium customer service
  • Java source code PDF generator.
  • Consulting

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  • Unlimited templates
  • Premium customer service
  • Java source code PDF generator
  • consulting

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Good solution, of course not without drawbacks.
There is no possibility to generate dynamic tables (the number of rows or columns in which it is not known in advance)
The solution itself was very pleasant, it helps to save time. We hope that the next versions will add the ability to work with dynamic tables.

Anders Blake

At the beginning there was a small problem related to the fact that the Apafop solution requires a FOP library version of at least 2.4. After this was fixed, everything worked as expected.

Denis Kashtanov

We have been looking for a solution with a convenient WYSIWYG editor for a long time. Apafop is best suited for this.

Marta Budnik

Before we started working with Apafop, all templates had to be prepared manually, as the experience with various converters was very negative.

As soon as the source document used text formatting, all the converters were powerless. With Apafop we avoided these problems.

Shejla Tomson